B2B furnishings made easy

OceanTailer a USA Based bulk e-wholesaler of furniture, lighting and home décor, bridging interior designers and retailers with manufacturers.

OceanTailer levels the playing field for designers and smaller to medium sized retailers by providing them with the supplier network and logistical support to better compete with larger, more established counterparts.

For designers & retailers, OceanTailer's e-commerce and logistical platform drives down costs, increases sales and enables greater scale by opening doors that otherwise would have been closed or not favorable.

In addition, OceanTailer enables every day non retail businesses to purchase from our platform not for reselling purposes, but instead for self usage.

For suppliers, OceanTailer provides a long-term, consistent pipeline of sales keeping their prices competitive in the market. OceanTailer will provide analytics and sales recommendation to the supplier. OceanTailer will act as first level customer service on behalf of the supplier cutting down the supplier's overhead.